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25 Beautiful Monsoon Getaways Near Pune And Mumbai For A Fabulous Vacation

The monsoon season is a magical time to discover the plush landscapes and picturesque beauty of the Western Ghats. If you’re searching for a fabulous Weekend getaway near Pune for family and Mumbai, several locations provide beautiful vistas, cascading waterfalls, and thrilling adventures. Right here are 25 lovely Monsoon Getaways Near Pune And Mumbai you ought to go to, and the thrilling things to do in every region.

1. Kune Waterfall (Lonavala)

Distance: From Pune to Kune waterfall 70 km

From Mumbai to Kune waterfall 80 km

Things to do

  • Marvel at the staggering Kune Waterfall, the 14th-highest waterfall in India.
  • Experience a picnic in the lush green surroundings and sense the fresh mist on your face.

2. Vihigaon (Matheran)

Distance: From Pune to Vihigaon Matheran 125 km

From Mumbai to Vihigaon 80 km

Things to do

  • Find out about the hidden gem of Vihigaon Waterfall, nestled amidst the scenic landscapes of Matheran.
  • Embark on a trek through lush forests
  • Witness the cascading splendor of the waterfall.

3. Alibaug:

 Distance: From Pune to Alibaug 140 km

From Mumbai to Alibaug 95km

Things to do

  • Enjoy a coastal getaway at Alibaug, recognized for its pristine beaches and historical forts.
  • Loosen up on the sandy shores, discover historical forts
  • bask in water sports like jet skiing and banana boat rides.

4. Mahabaleshwar:

Distance: From Pune to Mahabaleshwar, 120 km,

From Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar, l230 km

Things to do

  • Enjoy the attractions of Mahabaleshwar, a picturesque hill station well-known for its panoramic views, lush valleys, and cascading waterfalls.
  • Take a boat trip on Venna Lake or visit stunning viewpoints like Arthur’s Seat and Wilson Po.

5. Andharban

Distance: From Pune to Andharban, 70 km

From Mumbai to Andharban 120 km

Things to do

  • Embark on an adventurous trek via the mystical Andharban forest, known as the “dark forest.
  • Discover the dense foliage, gushing streams
  • Serene valleys as you soak in the spellbinding monsoon environment.

6. Lonavala Kamshet

Distance: From Pune to lonavala Kamshet 66 km

From Mumbai to lonavala 83km

Things to do

  • Break out to the popular twin hill stations of Lonavala and Kamshet, which present breathtaking landscapes, lush valleys, and cascading waterfalls.
  • Go to the long-lasting Lonavala Lake, hike to Tiger’s Soar, or revel in paragliding in Kamshet.

7. Kolad

Distance: From Pune to Khundr, 140  km

From  Mumbai to Kolad, 122 km

Things to do

  • Satiate your travel cravings with a visit to Kolad, an exciting vacation spot recognized for white-water rafting on the Kundalika River.
  • Brace yourself for an adrenaline-pumping ride as you navigate through the rapids.

8. Jawhar

Distance: From Pune to Jawhar, 248 km

From  Mumbai to Jawhar, 135 km

Things to do

  • Immerse yourself in the tranquil splendor of Jawhar, a quaint hill station surrounded by dense forests and vibrant vegetation.
  • Go to the Jai Vilas Palace, explore the enthralling Dabhosavegetation
  • Simply soak in the serene ambiance.

9. Malshej Ghat

Distance: From Pune to mashed ghat, 120 km

From Mumbai to mashed ghat, 154 km

Things to do

  • Experience the raw beauty of Malshej Ghat as it transforms into a monsoon paradise.
  • Mist-included mountains, cascading waterfalls, and a wealthy style of birdlife.
  • Don’t miss the Pimpalgaon Joga Dam and the Harishchandragad fortress.

9. Bhandardara

Distance: From Pune to Bhandardara 172 km

From Mumbai to bhandardara 163 km

Things to do

  • Retreat to the nonviolent Bhandardara village recognized for its serene lakes, lush greenery, and lovely waterfalls.
  • Enjoy a boat journey at the tranquil Arthur Lake, and hike to the Randwaterfall.
  • Trek to the famous Ratangad fort for panoramic views of the surrounding panorama.

10. Wai

Distance: From Pune to Wai, 89 km

From Mumbai to Wai, 221 km

Things to do

Discover the scenic metropolis of Wai, nestled amidst the Sahyadri Mountains.

Surprise at the cascading Dholya Ganapati Waterfall and visit the ancient Dholya Ganapati Temple.

Take a ship journey at the serene Dhom Dam.

11. Panchgani:

Distance: From Pune to Panchgani 101 km

From Mumbai to panchgani 244 km

Things to do

  • Retreat to the fascinating hill station of Panchgani, recognized for its picturesque landscapes and strawberry farms.
  • Take a leisurely walk alongside the scenic Desk Land, discover Satan’s Kitchen Caves, or enjoy paragliding adventures.

12. Tapola

Distance: From Pune to Tapola 145

From Mumbai to Tapol, 285 km

Things to do

  • Known as the “Mini Kashmir of the Western Ghats,” Tapola gives beautiful views of the Koyna River and surrounding valleys.
  • Interact in water sports activities like boating, kayaking, and jet skiing, or loosen up via the tranquil waters.

13. Koyna Dam:

Distance: From Pune to Koyna Dam 194 km

From Mumbai to Koyna dam229 km

Things to do

  • Marvel at the architectural marvel of the Koyna Dam, nestled amidst the Sahyadri Mountains.
  • Take a guided excursion to discover the dam’s records and significance and experience the scenic beauty of the encompassing location.

14. Silvassa:

Distance: From Pune to Silvassa, 284 km

From Mumbai to silvassa 167 km

Things to do

  • Break out to the capital of Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Silvassa recognized for its lush green landscapes and tranquil ambiance.
  • Go to the Tribal Cultural Museum, discover Dudhni Lake, or take a nature stroll on the Vanganga lawn.


 Distance: From PuneTo khandala 71 km

From Mumbai to khandala 79 km

Things to do

  • Discover the misty charm of Khandala, a famous hill station within the Sahyadri Mountains.
  • Enjoy panoramic views from the famous Tiger’s Bounce, and explore the Bhaja Caves.
  • Relax amidst the cool monsoon climate.

16. Adlabs Imagica

Distance: From Pune to Adilabad magical 92 km

From  Mumbai to Adilabad  69 km

Things to do

  • If you’re searching for a fun-filled family getaway, head to Adlabs Imagica.
  • This thrilling theme park offers an extensive range of rides, points of interest, and leisure alternatives to entertain you and your family.

17. Lgatpuri

Distance: From Pune to Lgatpuri, 241 km

From Mumbai to lgatpuri121 km

Things to do

  • Enjoy the serene splendor of Igatpuri, nestled inside the Sahyadri Mountains.
  • Visit the famous Bhatsa River Valley, and discover the beautiful Vipassana Meditation Center.
  • Embark on a trek to the scenic Kalsubai.

18. Bhandardara

Distance: From Pune to Bhandardara 172 km

From Mumbai to bhandardara 163 km

Things to do

  • Retreat to the peaceful village of Bhandardara recognized for its serene lakes, lush greenery, and beautiful waterfalls.
  • Enjoy a boat trip at the tranquil Arthur Lake, and hike to the Randha Falls.
  • Trek to the famous Ratangad fortress for panoramic perspectives of the encompassing landscape.

19. Lavasa

Distance: From Pune to Lavasa, 57 km

From  Mumbai to Lavasa, 193 km

Things to do

  • Experience the allure of Lavasa, an incredibly deliberate hill metropolis nestled amidst the Sahyadri Mountains.
  • Take a stroll alongside the picturesque prom, indulge in adventure sports activities like rappelling and rock climbing
  • Relax in the lap of nature.

20. Bhivpuri Waterfalls:

Distance: From Pune, Bhivpuri waterfalls 154 km

From  Mumbai to Bhivpuri waterfalls 68 km

Things to do

  • Bhivpuri Waterfalls, located near Karjat, is a popular monsoon vacation spot for its scenic splendor and stunning waterfalls.
  • Trek through the luxurious green forests to reach the cascading waterfalls and experience a clean dip in the herbal swimming pools.

21. Zenith Waterfalls:

Distance: Waterfalls. to zenith waterfall 60 km

From Mumbai to Zenith Waterfall 100 km

Things to do

  • Zenith Waterfalls, located in Khopoli, give a tranquil break amidst nature.
  • The waterfall cascades down from a peak, surrounded by dense forests.
  • Take a leisurely hike to witness the splendor of this hidden gem.

22. Rajmachi:

Distance: From Pune to Rajmachi, 171 km

From Mumbai to Rajmachi, 85 km

Things to do

  • Rajmachi, positioned inside the Sahyadri Mountains, is a picturesque village with two forts, Shrivardhan and Manaranjan.
  • Trek via the scenic trails, enjoy panoramic perspectives and explore the ancient forts for a historical adventure.

23. Matheran:

Distance: From Pune to Mathern, 120 km

From Mumbai to Mathern: 44 km

Things to do

  • Matheran, a charming hill station acknowledged for its toy train and colonial-era structure, turns even more captivating throughout the monsoon season.
  • Explore the verdant hills, ride horseback to diverse viewpoints, and immerse yourself in the serene atmosphere.

24. Bhimashankar

Distance: From Pune to Bhimashankar 165 km

From Mumbai to Bhimashankar: 213 km

Things to do

  • Bhimashankar, a revered pilgrimage website and flora and fauna sanctuary, is nestled amidst the Sahyadri Mountains.
  • Embark on a trek to the Bhimashankar Temple, recognized for its beautiful structure.
  • Explore the rich biodiversity of the surrounding forests.

Weekend Getaways near Pune for Families:

Lonavala and Khandala: Distance from Pune: 70 km

These twin hill stations are famous for their breathtaking landscapes, lush greenery, and misty mountains. Revel in the scenic beauty, visit famous viewpoints like Tiger’s Jump and Rajmachi Point, and explore the Karla and Bhaja Caves.

Mahabaleshwar: Distance from Pune: 120 km

Referred to as the “Queen of Hill Stations,” Mahabaleshwar offers lovely viewpoints, strawberry farms, and serene lakes. Visit the Pratapgad fort, revel in boating on Venna Lake, and indulge in delicious strawberries and cream.

Matheran: Distance from Pune: 125 km

Matheran, a lovely hill station, is Asia’s best automobile-free hill station, making it a perfect vacation spot for a peaceful circle of relatives’ getaway. Discover the viewpoints, take a toy train trip, and enjoy the scenic splendor of this eco-sensitive location.

Panchgani: Distance from Pune: 101 km

Regarded for its lush green hills, strawberry farms, and scenic viewpoints, Panchgani is a perfect vacation spot for a family retreat. Enjoy boating in Dhom Dam, visit Table Land, and delight in delectable neighborhood delicacies.

Weekend Getaways Close to Mumbai for Your Family:

Alibaug: Distance from Mumbai: 95 km

Alibaug has pristine beaches, historic forts, and a laid-back coastal ambiance. Relax at the beaches, visit the historical Kolaba castle, and enjoy water sports like jet skiing and banana boat rides.

Matheran: Distance from Mumbai: 44 km

Only a brief distance from Mumbai, Matheran is a picturesque hill station that gives a clean escape from the bustling city. Enjoy panoramic perspectives from numerous viewpoints, go horseback riding, and delight in nearby cuisine.

Imagica Subject Matter Park: Distance from Mumbai: 69 km

If you seek an interesting circle of relative journeys, head to Adlabs Imagica. This theme park offers an extensive range of rides, attractions, and enjoyment options appropriate for all ages.

Karnala Chicken Sanctuary: Distance from Mumbai: 47 km

Discover the rich avian biodiversity of Karnala Chicken Sanctuary, positioned near Panvel. Spot numerous chicken species, take nature trails, and experience a picnic amidst nature.

Automobile condominium offerings in Pune and Mumbai:

To make your circle of relatives getaway more convenient and comfortable, you may avail of car condominium services in Pune and Mumbai. Several dependable cab services provide Car rental service in Pune and Pune-to-Mumbai taxi services, ensuring a problem-free journey for your family.

Mumbai to Pune Cab Service

Touring between Mumbai and Pune has never been easier, thanks to the reliable and green Mumbai to Pune cab service provider and Pune to Mumbai taxi service. These offerings provide a handy and problem-free transportation option for individuals, households, and enterprise tourists, ensuring a continuing adventure between the two bustling cities.

With Mumbai-to-Pune cab services and Pune-to-Mumbai taxi services, you can enjoy a smooth, stress-free experience. The well-maintained cabs are equipped with cutting-edge-day offerings and spacious seating, permitting you to lighten up and revel in the adventure. Whether or not or you’re traveling for paintings, entertainment, or a circle of relatives excursion, those cab offerings cater to your particular desires.

Pune-Mumbai taxi services

The drivers of Mumbai to Pune cab services and Pune to Mumbai taxi services are professional, skilled, and well-versed in the Mumbai-Pune direction. They’re acquainted with the traffic situations and the pleasant routes, ensuring an easy and efficient journey. You could use their expertise to navigate the bustling town streets and highways.

21 Best One-Day Picnic Spot in Mumbai

You are always bound to travel various places and explore the newest facets that make the world an interesting place to live in. Weekends are probably days when you would like to plan several interesting visits to incorporate a change in your existing schedules. Searching for a perfect picnic spot in Mumbai could be relevant. Well, this never meant that you’re going to be short of places.

With far stretched the Arabian Sea on one side and lushly laid the Western Ghats on one, Mumbai needs no special mention being India’s financial hub. Moreover, if you are still new to it, there would be many different places that you may never know, could make out the best travel experiences for you.

Possessing a tropical climate, the city expenses bring you some absolutely ideal trekking experiences. You would very easily come along the most relaxing picnic spots. These places are such that could be explored within less time and bring you the most appropriate adventures.

Most Suitable Picnic Spot in Mumbai

You could always have a long list of places to visit. However, selecting the one that gets you the most perfect travel experiences at your nearest and easiest are the ones preferable for weekends. Here are a few you may consider



Portraying the intense elegance of the lush Western Ghats, Lonavala had long kept up its place as one of the best hill stations here. Situated just a few kilometers away from the main city, Lonavala and Khandala, the twin hill stations are probably perfect weekend experiences near Mumbai. When you’re seeking to escape the deluge of rain, it is one of the best places to reach.

There are many interesting natural attractions and highly enjoyable trekking trails too that can be opted by adventure enthusiasts. Lonavala being a great mountain gateway, it could be the best visited during that time. Planning road trips here would be a great decision.

Lonavala-car rental service



If you’re fond of admiring the elegant expanses of nature, Lavasa is one of the best places to reach near Mumbai. Situated amidst the lushly laid Western Ghats with adorable, beautiful valleys, lakes and blissful weather, Lavasa could bring you great experiences on your weekend. This well-planned city had been popular as a holiday getaways and could certainly take you through the most cherished experiences.

There are some of the best multi-cuisine restaurants where you may savor highly exotic flavors and interesting recipes. Situated about 184 kilometers away from Mumbai, the place is best visited during the period of September to June.

Lavasa-car rental in pune




Mahabaleshwar has always had a special mention when trips near Mumbai are considered. With stunning architectural lure belonging to the Victorian Era, this place would turn out to be an amazing picnic spot to visit in Mahabaleshwar. Situated about 230 kilometers from Mumbai, the place is set amidst the aesthetic surroundings of beautifully laid lakes, hills, and pleasant weather. You will catch up with some of the best highlights of the Western Ghats and Sahayadri that are absolutely pleasing to the souls. A weekend visit here could, therefore, be a great concern.

Mahabaleshwar -car rental pune




Preserving the best-allured facets of nature’s existence, Matheran is recognized as one of the best visits in Maharashtra. With scenic viewpoints, interesting camping and trekking trails, lakes and waterfalls, it is a perfect weekend getaway to explore.

The quaint surroundings are the best escapes from urban jungles and busy lives. However, you will have to set your timing well enough to catch up with the best views of the valleys, waterfalls, and hills around. Settled 92 kilometers away from Mumbai, Matheran could be best visited from June to September.

Matheran- cars on rental in pune




Bringing on the best amusement for both kids and adults, this could really be a preferable weekend getaway. For people seeking an adrenaline rush, there are multiple rides to enjoy. From thrilling activities to the relaxing ones, this place could bring you the best spent time on weekends.



Tikuji-ni-Wadi is indeed one of the most preferable weekend getaways when you need some absolutely interesting activities for kids and adults. When planning the entire day’s outing, it is a perfect place to reach with a package of selective best activities to take part.

 7.Sanjay Gandhi National Park


It is next to impossible to find peaceful destinations in busiest cities like Mumbai with nature’s imprints and fresh air to breathe. Housing in several different species of flora and fauna, the Sanjay Gandhi National Park is one of the best designed green oases. There are also the popular Kanheri Caves and several other protected areas including the Krishnagiri Upvan. You would be able to explore several different bird species here.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park -car rental in pune

8.Elephanta Caves


Elephanta Caves are some of the most elegantly sculpted discoveries in India that date back to the 5th and 8th century. The carvings and sculptures here, notify the existence of Buddhist culture at the place. Reaching here is very easy and would let you through amazing site seeing experiences. Situated 25 kilometers away from Mumbai, it could be a great historical exploration.



This is yet another easily accessible picnic spots and ideal places to relax in the expanses of nature. Known to feature some of the best views of lakes and mountains around, this place is one of the best visits situated long the Ulhas River. You will have plenty of natural landscapes, temples, and caves to explore and spend the day.

Karjat -mumbai to lonavala cab



Also known popularly as Funnel hill, the place is famous for its fort situated near the Raigad District. The fort is situated amidst the Karnala Bird Sanctuary with several chunks of people. This place is located about 10 kilometers from Panvel. Exploring the fort and watching over the different bird species would turn out to be really interesting.

11.Manori Island


Manori Island brings to you the lifetime opportunities to witness exquisite sunset rays dazzling over the sea waves. The beachside is absolutely perfect to encounter fun with various enjoyable activities available here. This place would let you slightly embrace Goa culture. You may also reach the Marve Beach taking up the easily available ferry services here.

12.Pawna Lake


This is an artificial reservoir formed by dam water; however, it is not at all short of exquisite views and splendid surroundings. It seems just like any other natural picnic spots along where you may have some interesting camping opportunities that are perfect to spend your weekends. The rich verdure of the place is absolutely inviting.

Pawna Lake -pune to alibaug




Situated in the Raigad district near Mumbai, the place had been popular because of the Mandwa Beach. This is one of the best visits for adventure enthusiasts, offering various water sport activities that could make the best of your time. You can also get jetteys to reach here from the Gateway of India.

Mandwa- pune cab services

14. Kolad


Kolad would be a thrilling picnic experience near Mumbai bringing you some of the best spent moments with the explicit sites littered here. Also, near the Kundalika River, you would be available with great adventurous thrills and equally enthralling views. Spectacular sights of cascading waterfalls, mountains, and lushly laid hills make it one of the best explorations. Situated about 127 kilometers away from Mumbai this place is popular for the adventure sports it hosts.

15.Maval, Takve Lake


With considerable historical significance and explicit biodiversity, this place had been one of the popular visits near Mumbai. It is an appropriate picnic spot that could bring you the best weekend moments. Take part in various water sports here and toss in the lap of nature. This is one of the most ideal expeditions from Mumbai, settled about 90 kilometers away from it.



If you’re the one interested in exploring sun-kissed beaches and sea forts holding on to their mystery and history on the coast, Alibuag is the nearest drive from Mumbai. There are many splendid experiences that you would be moving through. This place is the best one-day picnic spot when you’re seeking to the nearest places. Alibaug has had great significance for Mumbai residents when weekend trips are considered. It could, therefore, be one of the best-visited places around. Get a Pune to Alibaug cab for better planning.



If you’re fond of rugged landscapes, Rajmachi is going to offer you some of the best activities and experiences and perfect sights to behold. The place is known well for its fort and elegantly cascading waterfalls and green, mesmerizing views around. You may be able to explore history at its best here. Reveal elements that you had never known before.

18.Revdanda Beach


Popular because of the Revdanda fort, the Revdanda Beach is probably one of the best escapes from stressful schedules and the most preferable picnic spots near Mumbai. There are many water sports and beach activities also, camping opportunities that will make up the best of your time. You may have a fun frolic day with your own barbeque. You will also enjoy stargazing here.



Jawhar is a perfect spot for an overnight picnic. There are glorious green areas and red soil, making out interesting color effects. You may easily grab some of the best sites around. The magnificent hills will let you through the best facets of the Western Ghats.



Without mentioning Igtapuri, the list of best picnic spots in Mumbai would be incomplete. With breathtaking views, lush forests and mountains this would be one of the most interesting visits for you. The hills in the expanses here open up for various waterfalls that again form some considerably good attractions. You’re surely going to enjoy if you are a nature lover.



Though mentioned much earlier with Lonavala, it would not be fair to miss explaining better about this place. A one-day trip here will allow you to rejuvenate your thoughts and relax your mind. With the best-settled nature’s expenses, you are going to fall for the views here.

Book your Mumbai Pune Taxi and explore the best places from the ones mentioned above.



Moving From Metropolis To Meditative Sanctuary

Most tourists who visit India do so for an extended period of time. This is because the commute to India is substantial; it requires a real commitment of both time and expense. Most people initially travel to Mumbai or Bombay, as this is the nation’s capital and provides a rich variety of things to do and people to see. But after spending an extended period of time in this fast-paced environment, many people are ready to enter a place that is slightly less frenzied. Moving from Mumbai to Pune is a great way of ending your stint in India on a relaxed and perhaps even contemplative note, and taking a Mumbai to Pune cab is an excellent way of facilitating this goal. Read on to learn more.

Cabs Do The Thinking For You

Spending time in Mumbai will be spending time in a beautiful, yet incredibly fast-paced environment. Residents of Mumbai are renowned for their diversity in religion, work and interests. This means that the range of cultural events in Mumbai are not only varied but are overwhelming in number. This means that at the end of your time in Mumbai, you will likely be exhausted. A significant advantage of taking a Mumbai to Pune cab is that this does not involve extensive thinking or doing. You can easily book a cab in advance, and inform them of how and where you would like to be dropped off. Once you step into the cab, all you will need to think about are the interesting sights and sounds outside of your window.

Taking a Cab Ride Will Be Relaxing And Informative

The distance from Mumbai to Pune is substantial. When leaving Mumbai, as mentioned, you will likely want to decompress. And the substantial cab ride you are embarking on will certainly allow you to do that. Not only does taking a cab allow you to relax, but it also allows you to learn more carefully about the world around you. When you take a plane you get an aerial glance at the world beneath you. But how much do you learn about the landscape in the process? There is no better way of getting to know your surroundings than by getting up close and personal. Taking a cab allows you to people watch, and take many of the smaller side streets that you might otherwise avoid. All in all, taking a Mumbai to Pune cab is an excellent and unique way of engaging with India.

Tips to Use When Travelling Abroad

The best way for a person to reduce the stress that they have in their life is by travelling and going on vacation. There are so many different destinations to choose from that it can become a bit overwhelming at times. For most people, the dream of travelling abroad is something that they try very hard to make come true. Travelling in a foreign country is unlike any trip that you will take in the states. In order to make sure that you stay safe during your out of country trip abroad. Here are a few tips to follow when you find yourself on a foreign vacation.

Getting a Translator

One of the most helpful things that you can do while on your foreign vacation is to arrange to have a translator follow you around. In most cases, these services are very inexpensive and are well worth the money that you do pay for them. You need to make sure that you find a service that has experience and a good reputation to help you out in the translation department. The more you know about the translator companies, the easier it will be for you to get the right one for your trip.

The Right Taxi Service

Another very important thing that you need to get while on a foreign vacation is a great taxi service to escort you around your location. When you need a Cabs in Pune, you will need to find the nearest taxi stand. Only those cabs that are certified and licensed are allowed to pick up from these locations, which help you to narrow down the selection. Neglecting to take licensed and reputable taxi services on your vacation can lead to disastrous and dangerous consequences.

Keep Your Luggage Close

Yet another very important thing that you need to do when trying to have a safe trip while abroad is to make sure that you keep your luggage close to you at all times. There are many different scams that criminals have regarding separating a traveller from their luggage. You need to make sure that all of the bags that you take with you in a cab ride up front with you to reduce the chance of your bags being stolen or going missing.

By preparing yourself for your vacation abroad, you will be able to have much more safe and pleasurable experience.

Tips on Avoiding Taxi Scams in a Foreign Land

Travelling in a foreign land can be a very invigorating and dangerous experience if you it is your first time away from the States. Many of the customs in a foreign land a much different that they are back in America, which means you will need to educated yourself. In order to get around while travelling abroad, you will usually have to use taxis. For the most part, there will be many different taxis to choose from, so you will have to be careful not to be scammed. Here are a few tips on avoiding a scam when trying to get a Mumbai To Pune Taxi.

The Safety of a Taxi Stand
One of the best ways to ensure that you are getting the best cab in a foreign land is by finding designated taxi stands. Usually, these stands will be clearly marked, which will allow you to find them and use them easily. For the most part only licensed and reputable taxi services will pick up at these stands, which can help you greatly when trying to find a means of travelling from one destination to another safely and securely.

Know the Fare

Another very important thing that you need to do before you enter a taxi is to know exactly what the fare is. By knowing how much you will have to pay for the commute you are going to take can allow you to avoid being scammed or taken advantage of by a cab company. If the taxi driver refuses to give you a definite price, then you need to wait and use another one. Do not give any thought to the cab driver being offended because some of them will use your emotions against you in order to scam you.

Use Your Phone
Yet another way you can reduce your chances of being scammed by a cab company is by doing some research on your phone before choosing one. You need to look for customer reviews online because this will let you know how a company has performed in the past. The more you know about their past behavior, the easier it will be for you to choose the right one.

By taking heed of these warnings, you will be able to find the right cab company to take you where you need to go during your trip abroad.

Things to Consider When Renting a Car

Planning a trip or vacation can be a very stressful and time consuming undertaking that has obvious rewards and benefits. There are so many different factors that go in to planning a successful trip, so doing a lot of research will be required for great results. Among the most important things that you need to plan for on a trip is the means of transportation that you are going to use. One of the most popular types of travel transportation out there is the rental car. Here are a few things that you need to consider before getting a Car Rental in the Pune area.

Driver Requirements
One of the first things you need to assess when trying to rent a car is the age requirements that the particular company has. Many car rental companies require have strict guidelines on driver age requirements. Some companies will allow a driver under 25 to rent from them but they will charge them a hefty fee to do so. If you are under 25, then you need to be prepared to pay more when renting a car. Knowing the company policies will allow you to be more informed and less at risk for a case of sticker shock.

Get Familiar with the Policies
Another very important thing that you need to do when trying to rent a car is to get familiar with the policies that a company has. One of the most important policies that you need to become familiar with is the gas policy that a rental company has. You want to make sure that you know how much gas you have to bring the car back with or you may susceptible to a large fine. The more you know about what is required of you, the easier your car rental experience will be.

Think about the Extras
When trying to have a successful car renting experience, you need to think long and hard about the extras that are offered to assess whether or not you really need them or not. Many car rental companies will charge extra for a GPS system, which is an expense you can avoid due to the fact that most phones has GPS built in to them.

By following these criteria, you will be able to have a great car rental experience free of stress and worry. The time that you put in to finding the right company will be more than worth it in the end.

Yes There’s a Starbucks in Pune, India

Pune (Pronounced Pu Nay)
You may not expect to ever find yourself in Pune, India, but at the rate American businesses are migrating here, you never know! If you happen to find yourself in this little-known, ancient city, you will be astounded at the mix of culture and modern conveniences.

Neverending Campus
The layout of the city looks like one gigantic college campus. The colleges and universities run together in a mega-maze and are filled with busy students on bikes and scooters and carrying book bags. If you visit the campus of University of Pune you will find that it is beautiful! The Hindu and Indian art in and around the buildings and in the very architecture make for a historical and cultural atmosphere.

Clubs and Pubs
You will never find yourself in want of something to do, anytime day or night! The clubs in Pune are always jumping. You will want to visit Club Oiche and Elevate Lounge. Very chic and exciting! If you have a few drinks you will find out that, yes, you can rent a car in Pune!

Eats and Treats
There is plenty of delicious food from every possible culture you can imagine. You can eat at a place called Daily Treats and it is fantastic! Another very popular restaurant in Pune is called Mix@36. Reviews rave that the food is incredible.

Upgrade to Uppercrust
If you want to stay at a modest hotel there are plenty to choose from. The accommodations range from the modest Hotel Woodland to the Hilton Shillim Estates—definitely five-star digs!

Yes, There’s a Starbucks!
Being a college town, you can find internet cafes everywhere. You can enjoy Rupali Cyber Cafe and Prism Net Cafe. You may be primarily interested in finding a Starbucks. You’re in luck! Yes, there is a Starbucks in Pune India! In fact there are five of them! And they have all your favorite lattes, cappuccinos and espressos. You will feel right at home.

Free Airshow
The airport in Pune is nothing like the one in Mumbai, but it isn’t a bad place to hang out waiting for your flight. There’s an Indian Air Force base right next to it, so this can make an interesting pass-time. Sometimes you can watch some of the jet fighters take off and land. There are plenty of places to rent a rickshaw, reserve a taxi or rent a car in Pune. The airport is definitely an asset to this out-of-the way cultural hub.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Cabs from Pune to Mumbai

Most people never take a moment to consider whether using cabs are good or bad. In almost every case, a cab from Pune to Mumbai will definitely be better than any other option you could select, but it is still important to go through the advantages and disadvantages before calling one.

Whether you are in a large city that has taxis everywhere or call your cabs to come pick you up from your hotel or other area, you should consider both good and poor options and how each will affect you.

One of the biggest reasons to use cabs is that they offer a lot of convenience you won’t find with any other option. First, you will not be driving your own vehicle or a rental car, so you are not required to know the proper rules of the road in a foreign country or city. You do not have any of the associated hassles with driving, such as obeying speed limits, being watchful of others and everything else. This allows you to relax and put your trust in someone else to do all the work for you.

Another convenient advantage is that you don’t have to park the vehicle. Parking can be very difficult, especially if you are parking in the city of Mumbai because you may need to park far away from your destination due to high volumes. Another advantage to not parking the vehicle is that you are not required to pay any parking fees associated with the area.

Yet another advantage is the fact that your trip could be shorter and less hassled because of no parking and driving. Cabs will let you out right in front of the building, allowing you to get inside and to the task at hand quicker.

Even though Mumbai has a great public transportation system, you are still tied to the routes available and it can take a lot longer to reach your destination because of all the added stops. Using cabs will allow you to get there much quicker and you will also take a more direct route.

One slight disadvantage from taking a cab from Pune to Mumbai is that the cost will be slightly more than if you had your own vehicle or took public transport. However, the added conveniences from a cab usually outweigh the higher price tag of cabs.